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UNTOLD is a conference about ideas that leave us speechless.

Some ideas tell the same tale, others tell a different story. A few might just help us tell things apart. But truth be told, only time will tell which ones do. This year's event will tell you a thing or two about UNTOLD ideas that need to be shared.

2 half-day chapters of peeking through the keyhole to discover the hidden gems from the UNTOLD worlds of Science, Technology, Ethics, Design and Human Connection; from powerful secrets to utterly unimaginable scientific discoveries.

Our speakers

TEDxVienna 2021 will bring together a group of 18 expert thinkers and doers across a wide range of fields to help share UNTOLD ideas. We’re joined by prominent global academics, educators, researchers, philanthropists, environmentalists, scientists, technologists, artists, activists and more for a full day of immersive discussions.

In line with this year's theme, the line-up will remain UNTOLD and will be revealed at the event.


One day. Two Chapters.

You can purchase a ticket for each part of the day, the Morning Chapter (9AM - 2PM) and the Afternoon Chapter (4PM - 9PM). Each includes two talk sessions and interactive breaks.

TEDxVienna talks

Experience live international talks firsthand.

Exhibition area

Interactive experiences and innovations on display.


Meet local and visiting innovators, from technology, entertainment, design, and a host of other exciting fields.

Fingerfood and drinks

The perfect way to complement the food for thought we provide. We’ve got you covered with creative meals from resourceful local providers. All included in the ticket price.

FAQs about health & safety

Isaac Davis

John Reisman

Annina Brandel

Kay Adams

Erika Omatesu

Tony Lacey

Mary Wilkie

Loius Renault

Sam Felix

Meet the rewind

As a video agency with emphasis on tecnology
and social impact, we see creativity




In-kind Partners

Our partners

Join for a unique chance to discuss UNTOLD ideas that will shape our shared future.